Kids Sling Wallet Pattern

kids sling wallet

NOTE: This only a pattern and does not come with a tutorial or instruction for now.

kids sling wallet

This is a handmade pattern I made. It was for my 7-year-old girl’s wallet for school where she can keep her school card and money in without needing to take it off.



I just had to reblog this so I do not lose such useful information…



Photo Credits: Nyla Noor

“look at it from all angles”

In my mail lately, I have been receiving select jpegs and requests for pattern-drafts based on that chosen item. Upon viewing each submission I often question,  Why am I being asked to draft such a basic bag design?” In my mind’s eye or is it my designer’s brain, I visualize a simple pattern shape. I have to ask, “Why aren’t you seeing it too?

Now if I was being naughty, I’d suspect someone wanted me to do their design homework for them, yet in all truthfulness I’m guessing that those new to the world of fashion design haven’t developed their spatial skills.

Visualization or what is known as, spatial perception in fashion design includes images, symbols, scale diagrams, cutaway diagrams, cross-sections, production flow charts, specification worksheets, technical flats, 3-dimensional illustrations, and flat pattern-making techniques to…

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Customise and Print Daily Reward Chart

Just a really simple a-month reward chart. Award a star for each chore/task completed for the day. Customise the tasks, name or even the picture and words on the chart. I printed this on 4 separate A4 papers and join them together to make a bigger poster piece.

Link: Daily Reward Chart

reward chart sample

Here’s how it looks like. You can cutomise the name, tasks and pictures 🙂

5 Bag Photo Tutorials

I admit on how busy I had been the past few weeks. Well, I had some free time but I’d be exhausted by the time I earn them. It is the year-end SCHOOL HOLIDAY… if you know what I mean. However, I’ve been searching through the internet for great bag tutorials for when I can finally make them! And I especially love photo tutorials because I can get myself ‘entangled’ in the instructions in words… heheheh…

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What You Can Do with a Simple Pants Pattern

Stretch Denim Pants with Side Pocket

I love how durable denim is and to get one that can stretch, is a plus point!

Especially for children, the stretch adapts better to the active child when he or she runs and jumps around.

I made these pants with simple pattern and added striking pink elastic waistband.

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Free Arabic Flashcards and Alphabet Lacing Template

Well, not exactly hand made craft this but I do consider pretty crafty… on the computer. A little bit of technology 🙂

Arabic Conversation Flashcards

I made a template for my 6-year-old girl to easily practice with at home or on the go. Some simple dialogue used for her bridging program for full time Islamic school next year. An Excel file which you can use to make other words too. This has been set to print 6 cards per A4 sized paper.

Ideas to use:

  1. Say the phrase and allow the child to identify the correct card you just said.
  2. Allow the child to match the question with the answer.
  3. You say the answer and let the child find the question.


English Alphabet Lacing

Made these mainly for the younger one, 2-year-old. To use strings (or laces) to lace through the holes. Just to familiarise with the letter while using their fingers, etc.

These, I made just for own use and also to share with some friends. And now making them public. God willing, I will make more for the benefit of our children.


Have a great weekend ahead!


Sewing Books – Little Girls, Big Style

I learn sewing mostly from my mum. However, I am the type who learn best with a physical reference (meaning: book). Ever since I bought my sewing machine, the bookstore became one of my favorite hang outs. I can stay for an hour in there browsing and choosing what books are worth buying at my learning level.

pink ruffled skirts

This is the first book I found that comes with a pattern. Pretty rare for me to find at Spotlight, Singapore.

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