Customise and Print Daily Reward Chart

Just a really simple a-month reward chart. Award a star for each chore/task completed for the day. Customise the tasks, name or even the picture and words on the chart. I printed this on 4 separate A4 papers and join them together to make a bigger poster piece.

Link: Daily Reward Chart

reward chart sample

Here’s how it looks like. You can cutomise the name, tasks and pictures 🙂


Free Arabic Flashcards and Alphabet Lacing Template

Well, not exactly hand made craft this but I do consider pretty crafty… on the computer. A little bit of technology 🙂

Arabic Conversation Flashcards

I made a template for my 6-year-old girl to easily practice with at home or on the go. Some simple dialogue used for her bridging program for full time Islamic school next year. An Excel file which you can use to make other words too. This has been set to print 6 cards per A4 sized paper.

Ideas to use:

  1. Say the phrase and allow the child to identify the correct card you just said.
  2. Allow the child to match the question with the answer.
  3. You say the answer and let the child find the question.


English Alphabet Lacing

Made these mainly for the younger one, 2-year-old. To use strings (or laces) to lace through the holes. Just to familiarise with the letter while using their fingers, etc.

These, I made just for own use and also to share with some friends. And now making them public. God willing, I will make more for the benefit of our children.


Have a great weekend ahead!