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Photo Credits: Nyla Noor

“look at it from all angles”

In my mail lately, I have been receiving select jpegs and requests for pattern-drafts based on that chosen item. Upon viewing each submission I often question,  Why am I being asked to draft such a basic bag design?” In my mind’s eye or is it my designer’s brain, I visualize a simple pattern shape. I have to ask, “Why aren’t you seeing it too?

Now if I was being naughty, I’d suspect someone wanted me to do their design homework for them, yet in all truthfulness I’m guessing that those new to the world of fashion design haven’t developed their spatial skills.

Visualization or what is known as, spatial perception in fashion design includes images, symbols, scale diagrams, cutaway diagrams, cross-sections, production flow charts, specification worksheets, technical flats, 3-dimensional illustrations, and flat pattern-making techniques to…

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5 Bag Photo Tutorials

I admit on how busy I had been the past few weeks. Well, I had some free time but I’d be exhausted by the time I earn them. It is the year-end SCHOOL HOLIDAY… if you know what I mean. However, I’ve been searching through the internet for great bag tutorials for when I can finally make them! And I especially love photo tutorials because I can get myself ‘entangled’ in the instructions in words… heheheh…

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Sewing Blind Hem on Machine

It is rare for my husband to wear business/tailored pants! He had to this time due to an international meeting. It wasn’t even for him but he had to take a colleague’s place. Bought a pair of black business pants and I have to do my usual job, shorten the length 🙂

After careful measurement (follow his jeans length), I cut the pants. Then, take another look at the original seam, I am to serge the edge and blind hem (What’s a blind hem? A hemming done where the thread is barely visible from the right side). I had to wait for the girls to sleep and have til next early morning to complete it including ironing.

I tried hand sewing at first, but fell asleep… ehehhehe… In the morning, I had to rush and decided to do the blind hem on the machine instead. Due to that, I became an expert in a short time. (I rarely do blind hem because I just couldn’t understand the folding part!)

Sorry that I can’t quite do up a tutorial on it this time but here is a link to a great short video on doing blind hem for your benefit 🙂 Enjoy!

How To Create a Blind Hem Stitch Using Your Home Sewing Machine with Angela Wolf

How to Make Flower with Satin Ribbon

Teaching seems to be part of me. I love it whether to do it casually or professionally. Though I have stopped doing sports coaching, I do help out to conduct short courses upon request.

Violet satin ribbon flowerThat aside, I have tried making simple but clear video tutorials of Ribbon Crafts (for now). I hope you find it easy to follow and able to gain from it. With those flowers, you can make as decor on your walls and curtains. Attach pins and make brooches or add elastic bands and you’ll get hair accessories.

With the pleasure of making those beautiful flowers, I had 1 chance and experience of teaching a small class of 8. We made 3 designs ranging from a simple to a slightly more difficult level. I hope to get more of such opportunity and make some new friends as well 🙂

So, without further ado, Watch The Video to learn how to make a flower with satin ribbon.

Gold Satin Ribbon Flower