5 Bag Photo Tutorials

I admit on how busy I had been the past few weeks. Well, I had some free time but I’d be exhausted by the time I earn them. It is the year-end SCHOOL HOLIDAY… if you know what I mean. However, I’ve been searching through the internet for great bag tutorials for when I can finally make them! And I especially love photo tutorials because I can get myself ‘entangled’ in the instructions in words… heheheh…

I found lots but here are the few that I really would love to try making because they seem pretty simple but with a great look! Hope you find them beneficial too. And please, feel free to pin them on they own website.

  1. Handy Pouch Bag : A small boxy pouch with magnetic button. Great for carrying small items like a mobile phone, lip balm, etc.
  2. A Simple (non-lined) Small Drawstring Bag : Well, the title says it all.
  3. Pretty Pouch : I love the practically and looks of this pouch. And it seems simple enough to make for an advanced beginner 🙂
  4. Heart Pouch (Mini Tutorial) : Too sweet and adorable to not make this!
  5. Ever Popular Triangle Pouch : Will always be my personal favourite as this bag is simple and quick to make 🙂

Well, there they are! Hope you find it helpful to follow and share with me if you’ve found great tips in the process of making the bag/s… Feel free to comment or send a picture.




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