What You Can Do with a Simple Pants Pattern

Stretch Denim Pants with Side Pocket

I love how durable denim is and to get one that can stretch, is a plus point!

Especially for children, the stretch adapts better to the active child when he or she runs and jumps around.

I made these pants with simple pattern and added striking pink elastic waistband.

I got the idea of using elastic waistband when I felt that I’d like to make a quick project. It turned out to be a good thing because the pattern was pretty low waist and by adding elastic waistband, I got a pair of pants that fits perfectly on the waist šŸ™‚

I thought it could be even more functional with side pockets and so… I took out my stash of cotton and choose some to make the pockets for both sides.

Side Pockets Inner View

It was my first time sewing side pockets but I can say it was pretty easy to figure it out. Especially that I had some quiet time for myself when I was doing it.

Not enough of those extras, I had to make something that would give a little girly look on this pants (apart from the elastic waistband)…

Chevron Bow on PantsĀ I just looooove chevrons!! I happen to have some (several buckets actually… heheheh) ribbons and found this to be just perfect!

I am so happy to have made a pair each for my 3 girls and they were comfortable. (I assume so because they did not fuss on the pants being hot, uncomfortable or scratchy.)

Well, that’s what I have done and always love to do to simple patterns to make it more personalised. How about you? Do share photos of some simple patterns you personalise. I’d love to see them and I’m sure there are others out there who can use some great ideas!

Contact meĀ (aydinacrafts@gmail.com)to get theĀ resources found on this post:


Stretch Denim Fabric

Elastic Waistband


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