Introducing Aydina Crafts

Hi! I am soooo excited to start this blog especially because I have been trying to find time in between my crazy daily schedule. Well, not that I am overly busy. Just occupied with my 3 girls who need so much of my attention.

Satin Ribbon Flower Craft

I am starting Aydina Crafts as my business since I stopped providing full time service as a Sports Instructor. That was my passion (Time to slow down and focus more on the girls). Aydina Crafts is a hobby. I love doing things with my hands and I can be pretty technical.

It actually started many years back when my mum and I began creating accessories with wires – like earrings, rings and necklaces. We were self-taught and continued to create pieces which we can’t possibly wear everything. So, my hubby and I sold at flea markets for fun for several years. Though it wasn’t a serious venture and practically without proper goals, I learnt a few tips and tricks in selling and attracting customers. In the beginning, sale was pretty good. Quality and unique hand craft work was a winning factor until ‘cheap stuff’ came into the environment. Then came stall holders selling clothes (which I wonder if they were new or worn) so disorderly just dumping them on the table or even the floor with a canvas. And selling them at crazy-low prices like 50 cents each. Soon, more came and it brought down the value of all stalls within the flea market.

Fast forward, I stopped flea market and continued with my passion for the next 10 years… I am now typing a blog at 8.45am because my girls are asleep. Well, I haven’t had much sleep for the last couple of days either due to completing order. Nevertheless, I am grateful and thankful to the Almighty that I get this priviledge to be home with my girls and still able to learn new things in this new hobby of mine 🙂

I hope to show you my creations since the last few years that I started crafting and sewing. Time to gather those photos so do check back soon for new updates. Have a beautiful weekend ahead!


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